Annual Card & Promo Piece

Designing something that has longevity and yet can stand out year after year was the goal of this card design & promo series for Urbana Preservation & Planning.

I set out to create an annual card and promotional piece that would create a series by being update yearly and yet noticeably different from year to year.

Each year the card features the new year and uses a different background color. The color chosen is symbolic and boldly contrasts with the color from the previous year.

Thinking “outside the box” was key to create a useful and memorable promo piece… which in this case meant developing a custom dye-cut to create a corner bookmark which features a different pattern / design each year. The bookmark reinforces the brand “Urbana” by echoing the firm’s red square logo.

The creative direction reinforces the client’s contemporary and bold aesthetic while differentiating themselves from competitors whose branding tend draw more on the “historic” approach.